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11 Steps to Loving Yourself More

One of the things that really troubles me is when normally smart and attractive women accept subpar treatment from the men in their lives.  Or when they permit family members to take advantage of their generosity.  And when they continuously work late nights and weekends instead of taking time to enjoy their lives and the fruit of their labor.  Can you relate to this?  Do you know anyone like this?  …Read More

How to forgive when someone you love has hurt you

I saw an old friend recently who I had not seen or spoken to in over seven years.  I didn’t really know why we stopped spending time together.  I assumed it was simply life getting in the way.  She had given birth to a beautiful baby girl and my career was taking off.  I was so thrilled to see her that I ran over and reached out to give her …Read More

Finding Love After Divorce

When I got married in my twenties I was so in love.  My stomach used to flip when I looked at him.  I could not stop smiling as my father walked me down the aisle to promise to love forever. Ten years later I couldn’t believe when my husband looked me in the eye and told me he wasn’t willing to work on our failing marriage any longer.  At that …Read More