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Easy Steps to Planning a Family Reunion

When I was growing up my cousins and I would spend summers together at one of our Aunt’s homes.  We all lived in different countries, yet we are all very close because of the efforts our parents made to keep us connected.  As we have become adults and some of us have children it has become even more important to keep the family closely connected.  But how do you do …Read More

How to Eliminate Boredom and Get your Groove Back

Every once in a while one of my girlfriends or my clients will say to me “I am bored.”  In the midst of successful and very active lives these women are experiencing the  emotion of boredom.  I believe that boredom can be an indication that you just need to mix things up a little bit.  It can also be our hearts calling to our heads that something serious needs to …Read More

Signs That You May be Depressed

Many of my clients start working with me because they “feel sad”  and don’t know why.  To the outside world these successful women have everything.  They typically are excelling in their careers, are thriving financially, and have fulfilling relationships and families.  Yet they live with a perpetual sadness.  I have coined it “low-grade melancholy.”  After working with me for a short period of time my clients have been able to …Read More

Going on Vacation with Your Girlfriends

When I was in college, Essence Magazine was the only magazine to which I subscribed.    Every month I consumed every single word in every article.  But mostly I just loved seeing the pictures of beautiful black women in all their glory.  My dorm room was decorated with cover photos I would tear out and tape to my walls.  Next to the Holy Bible, Essence was my source.  So when …Read More