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About KP


Kerry-Ann Powell is a life strategist and abundance coach.  Kerry-Ann is a master at inspiring and equipping successful women to move from lives full of disappointment and fear and to start living lives full of purpose, love, and fun.  An attorney by training and an accomplished lobbyist and fundraiser Kerry-Ann brings passion, smarts, and a relentless pursuit of success, to her speaking, coaching, and events.  Her unique mix of inside the Beltway drive, Caribbean adventure seeking, and deep belief in God’s unfailing love make her the ideal to speak to the successful urban career woman.    

Now Something About Me

Hey lady! I am Kerry-Ann Powell.  You can call me KP.

My passion is to help you live the life you were born to live!

I have the audacity to believe that it is your birthright to live an abundant life.  Yes I said it…your birthright.

What do I mean?

I believe that it is your creator’s absolute intention for you to live a life in which:

  • your career is fulfilling and not just a paycheck;
  • your relationships are loving and not full of drama; and
  • your life is full of joy and not disappointment.

Why am I so sure?

A couple reasons.  Every great philosopher, book, movement in human history attests to that fact.

But for me personally it is because I believe and live by the Bible.  And throughout it’s books and specifically in John 10:10 it teaches that God intended for us to have lives that are not full of destruction but lives that are full of abundance.

But I know, that I know, that I know….it is more likely that you are not living a life full of abundance.  You are not living the life you were born to live.

How am I so sure?

Because I have been there. Done that.

Just like you, I followed the plan perfectly.

You know the “LIFE PLAN” that calls for

  • getting a pricey education,
  • landing a prestigious job,
  • being a good church girl,
  • getting married,
  • buying a house,
  • planning for the babies,
  • and vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard.

I know you know what I am talking about.

Yet, even with all the success in my life I could not ignore the fact that I was unhappy, unfulfilled, and feeling guilty because of it.  (after all there are starving children in the world and look at all I had).

I finally got to the point where I could no longer continue on the “path” that looked a heck of a lot like success but wasn’t the life I was born to live.  I wasn’t completely fulfilled in my career, frankly my relationships were good but not great, and I was not enjoying life. So I made a decision.

I decided to trust God.  Meaning, I decided to explore the possibility that while the “plan” I was following was a good one it may be missing some important steps.  And maybe, just maybe there was something to this whole “abundant life” stuff.

Over a decade of learning under the best programs, psychologists, coaches, and spiritual leaders I have discovered some important principles and strategies that have helped me to stop living a life marked by disappointment, lack of fulfillment, and fear and to start living a life full of abundance. Now I am passionate about helping successful women like you to do the same.  

I have coached and spoken to hundreds of successful women and I have helped them start loving their careers, experiencing more love, and finally enjoying their lives.  Let me do the same for you.

In addition to my law degree, I earned a degree in Psychology and Neuroscience,  I have mastered personal development strategies under Tony Robbins, studied leadership development, and practiced contemplative spirituality and spiritual direction under the tutelage of Richard Foster and the late Dallas Willard.  I now use those tools to help my clients breakthrough the mental and emotional road blocks to experiencing more fulfilling careers, relationships, and frankly have more fun.

I am relentless when it comes to results.

At the age of 22 I was the youngest fundraiser in my organization and parlayed these skills to successfully raise $120 million as the chief fundraiser for the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington DC.

Trust me I just don’t quit.  And I won’t let you quit until you achieve results.

I love life.

I am constantly trying out new things and new adventures.  I have completed the Marine Corp Marathon and I have hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  I have spent a week whitewater rafting down the Colorado River.  All these things shape the unique way in which I help other successful women get results and live a more fun life.

I am also all things feminine.  I absolutely love throwing a good party, decorating ideas, cooking shows, fashion tips, and the beach.

I can’t live without my large Jamaican-American family and my crazy girlfriends.  And most of all I love me some Jesus.

I am passionate about helping you get in touch with the things that make you feel alive. To me this is life!

I have a huge vision for your life.

One that includes you getting past the disappointments that life brings, becoming clear about your true purpose, experiencing new adventures, and living your passion.

I am not about fairy dust and feel good ideas that don’t get you anywhere.

I am about timeless principles and proven strategies that can change your life.

Through my free weekly posts as well as my more premium courses, coaching, and events I provide practical tools that have helped me, my coaching clients, and the folks that attend my premium live events.

I am confident that the wisdom I have gained over the past decade can help you live the life you were born to live.

That I know is true.

You up for it?

Join me by signing up today.